Nuno Salpico’s paper is quoted in two judgments of the Lisbon Court of Appeal

The article by Nuno A. Pires Salpico “A inversão do ónus da prova devido a impossibilidade de prova culpadamente causada (art.344 n.º 2 do CC)” (Reversal of the burden of proof due to the impossibility of proof caused culpably by the counterparty) was cited by two judgements of the Lisbon Court of Appeal (‘LCA’):

  • LCA judgment of 13-04-2021, case no. 1480/18.3T8LSB-A.L1-7 (Judge-Rapporteur: Luís Filipe Sousa), available here.
  • LCA judgement of 30-06-2021, case no. 1825/19.9T8SNT.L1-4 (Judge-Rapporteur: Albertina Pereira), available here.

The paper can be accessed here.